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Over 20 billion toothpaste tubes produced every year

That's enough plastic to circle the earth 133 (!) times

Most toothpaste tubes are not recyclable and end up being incarcerated or discarded in landfills or in our oceans. Once there, it takes over 500 years for a toothpaste stub to decompose.

Plastic was invented to last a lifetime but we consume it in extreme amounts on a daily basis. Little is recycled and of the plastic that gets recycled, only 9% becomes new plastic again.

To tackle the plastic problem, we need to change the way we consume plastic. Let’s reuse more & refill what can be refilled. Together we can make the biggest difference.

sustainable toothpaste

What we do

sustainable toothpaste


By eliminating water from our product we reduce unnecessary emissions. In addition, we can use paper as our main packaging.

Refill & reuse

We’re introducing compostable refills to the toothpaste market. Wave goodbye to the plastic tube and refill your jar forever.


Our toothpaste bits minimise waste. When most toothpaste tubes are thrown away, much of the toothpaste remains in the tube. Our perfectly dosed tablets are completely waste-free.

Natural ingredients

We have kept the necessary and eliminated the unnecessary for you, the animals and the planet. Do you want striped toothpaste? (created by artificial colorants) Then we are not for you.

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